a documentary series by iris blue


The Phoenix People Event: Rising out the ashes, is comming is


The Phoenix People Project is a documentary series about people worldwide who are brave enough to rise up from the ashes and share their story of trauma


It is born out of a passion to help and change the stigma of victims. And to help Victors realize their power. No one should feel ashamed of what they have been through.


The first episode will be about me (Iris Blue) and my experience with sexual abuse:

Many of us don’t realize the lasting impact sexual abuse can have on someone’s life. ‘It is like a part of your soul got stolen’. Let’s stop the shame. Let claim back your soul. Let’s claim back your flame.


The Phoenix People Project is a free of access documentary series created to shine a light on powerful stories. You can view each episode, by making a donation of your choice. Even 1 euro is enough. This is because its mission is to reach as many people as need it. The documentary series is fully funded by donations.

Every episode will be centred around the story of one of the victims of sexual abuse and their journey of strength and courage as they rise out of the ashes.

From victim to victor.


-Iris Blue

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