About the Project

The Phoenix People Project is a documentary series about people who have gone through trauma but found their inner flame and are now inspiring, helping and motivating other people to do the same. People who have gone from Victim to Victor.

The Mission

The mission is to change the idea society has of a victim to a victor. Someone who has survived trauma is stronger for it. So people start to feel pride instead of shame and have the confidence to get the help they deserve.

What they say:

The Preview

Five years ago I made a preview, an idea of what the project would be. Of course, the idea has changed since. The phoenix People Project then would only contain sexual abuse stories. But that idea broadened to all traumas. The idea of the project is still there and the feeling, I hope it convinces. Please bear with me, though. I made this preview by myself, with some help from my husband, with mainly an iPhone. But I do hope you get an idea of the future and mission of this project.

Why I started this project

After having experienced my fair share of trauma myself, I felt so alone and disconnected from everyone and everything else. I thought I was weird, an alien, that I didn’t belong. Trauma itself is already hard.  But one of the worst things was how alone I felt because of it.


That inspired me to create something for people to not feel so alone and ashamed. A place where they could find each other and themselves again. This is why I started the Phoenix People Project. So people can see they’re not alone in their experiences, but also to let them see there is a way out.


My vision is that what you have been through, doesn’t make you weaker, it makes you stronger. Be proud of it.

Why the project is needed

Because society now tells us that our trauma makes us weaker. Therefore, we should be ashamed of what we have been through. Shame is one of the biggest factors in why a lot of people don’t receive the help they need to recover

The first episode:

The first episode will be about my own story. I find that if you ask people to be venerable, you lead by example. My own story is seen in the preview. It will mainly be about my experience with sexual abuse and depression. In every episode, we will interview a Phoenix Person. Someone who has experienced some form of trauma. The idea is to be as diverse as possible and also definitely go global with finding our Phoenix People. Next to the Phoenix Person, we will also interview a Close family member or friend and professionals. This so we get a complete perspective on the issue. But mainly we will follow what has happened to this Phoenix Person and mostly how they have risen up again.

So for the first episode, the people interviewed will be:

Phoenix Person: Iris Blue (myself)

Close Bystander: Mia van Dongen (mother)

Healthcare professional: –

Charity organization:-


For the first episode, we have started this crowded funding campaign. You can watch this episode by making a donation of your choice. This can be as little as 1.00 Euro. We want this to be available for everyone to see.


From the donation of the first episode and further donations, we will make the second episode.


The donation in short will be spent on general costs and to pay me and my crew.
General cost will be: Camera equipment etc, stay and transport, advertisement, location and other costs.

My crew:
Producer: Makes sure all the shots or being taken and helps the camera crew. (can be more than 1 person)
Editor: Makes a final edit from the raw. (can be more than 1 person)
Photographer: Makes Portrait of everyone.
Myself: Director, Event organizer, Public relations and Social media. Host
Student/Volunteer team: filming, social media,


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  • Apply to be a part of the crew or volunteer team.
  • Share your own story on the website