Iris Blue

Hey, I am Iris Blue and I am a sexual abuse victor. I was raped when I was four years old in my own home by a family acquaintance. But I was lucky, because my parents were social workers and they quickly noticed that something happened to me. I got help. I got to heal from the abuse in order to make peace with it and move past the shame.


So I was lucky. However, not everyone as lucky as I was.


After four years working as an international model – and years later as a pageant coach and event organizer – I decided it was time for a change and became a public speaker (a lifelong dream of mine). At speaking events, I talk about all kind of things: Sexual abuse, self-confidence, goal setting, and mindset. Everything I do is with one thing in mind and that thing is that I know that almost everyone has more potential than they realize! And I hope to help you find your inner flame.