Total amount received donations (euro):

The Phoenix People Project is fully funded by donations and grants. We dearly appreciate any contributions you are willing to make.

Every donation will have a perk, these are visible below. With every donation, you will get a social media mentions a thank-you mail. With donations starting from 50 euro, you get a personal “Thank You” video. With the donation starting from 500 euro you can follow the premier online and for the donations starting from 1000 euro you can ask me questions in an online private group session, after the premier

How it will work:

For the first episode, we have started this crowded funding campaign. You can watch this episode by making a donation of your choice. This can be as little as 1.00 Euro. We want this to be available for everyone to see.

From the donation of the first episode and further donations, we will make the second episode.

What we need your donation for.

The donation in short will be spent on general costs and to pay me and my crew.
General cost will be: Camera equipment etc, stay and transport, advertisement, location and other costs.

My crew:
Producer: Makes sure all the shots or being taken and helps the camera crew. (can be more than 1 person)
Editor: Makes a final edit from the raw. (can be more than 1 person)
Photographer: Makes Portrait of everyone.
Myself: Director, Event organizer, Public relations and Social media. Host
Student/Volunteer team: filming, social media,

Other ways you can help.

  • Follow the Instagram page. @phoenixpeopleproject
  • Share the Project, and its messages: Share this page or the flyer you can download under need with friends and family or post on social media.
  • Apply to be a part of the crew or volunteer team.
  • Share your own story on the website