Meet the Crew

There are 3 crews that work on the Phoenix People Project.

  • Main crew: Which contains everyone from preproduction, production and post-production.
  • Volunteer team: These amazing people help with everything from social media to filming and more.
  • the Advisors: This is a group of people I can call on if I need any direction or advice.

Our Sponsors

Next to that, we also have a list of sponsors who help make this documentary a reality. Here is a list of our incredible sponsors. Thank you for the support.

Iris Blue


Iris is next to the founder, Personal Power Coach and Public Speaker. This is her project

She started the Phoenix People Project out of feeling alienated from her own trauma, and found that no one should ever feel that way.

For the project, she does the directing, hosting, event management, pre-production, marketing and public relations. She is the one behind the scenes and the face of this project.

Main Crew

Coming soon


Coming soon


Damien Rory


Damien makes beautiful pictures. From weddings to portraits to product shots and everything in between.

Nathanael Allen

Video producer

Makes videos with purpose and a goal. Next to making a video beautiful, it is important to make your audience understand its message. He makes commercial videos and video memories. Like weddings or other significant moments.

Collin Vos


Works with television and theatre production. He has programs on his resume from Dutch national and local television.